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How To Guides for Hotels and Institutional Use
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Mattress Sizing Guide
This guide will give you a quick and easy way to determine the size of your mattress

Encasement Installation Guide
It is important to install an encasement the right way to be sure you are fully protected. These instructions will tell you how.

The New York City Bed Bug Guide
The great city of New York created a great and easy to read guide as a sort of bedbug 101. We wish we'd created it, but we'll offer credit where credit is due. Great job New York City! Have a look. It's a very interesting guide.

The Twelve steps to a bed bug free hotel
Your all inclusive guide to ridding your hotel of bed bugs, and preventing infestations in the future.

Bed Bug Training Aid
An extensive guide used for training hotel and motel staff on how to identify, prevent and eradicate bed bugs in your establishment.

Bed Bug Hunt Checklist
A simple, yet thorough checklist for use by hotel and motel staff that is a vital part of identifying bed bug problems before they get out of control.

In The News
News stories from popular media outlets detailing the most recent stories and latest information about the spreading bed bug problem.

Going Green
Read about our mission to keep harmful chemicals away from you and your family by using safe, organic and effective pest control solutions.

Bed Bug Facts
A brief guide to everything you need to know about bed bugs. This section covers a number of topics, ranging from what they look like, to determining if they've invaded your home.

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How To Guides for Homeowners and Landlords

How To Protect Your Bedding From Bed Bugs
A brief and informative guide to eliminating bed bugs from you mattress, pillows and box spring.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs - 12 Steps to a Bed Bug Free Home
So you've found a bedbug in your home. You know that when you find one there are lots more. This definitive guide shows you how to end your bed bug nightmares with step by step instructions including what products to use and what products to avoid!

How to Buy Effective Bed Bug Mattress Protectors
A consumer's guide to purchasing the right bed bug mattress covers.

How to Protect Your Bedding From Dust Mites
A consumer's guide to a healthier sleeping environment

Green Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs
A consumer's guide to eliminating bed bugs in the home without resorting to harmful chemicals and pesticides. This article discusses the best ways to create a safe sleeping environment using clean, green and affordable products that will work in any setting!